About Victoria Waterjet Ltd.

A little about us

Victoria Waterjet is a fabrication and welding shop located in Victoria BC — we use specialized equipment and over 65 years combined experience to convert raw materials into usable parts.

Whatever raw material you’re working with—brass, copper, steel, aluminum—we can cut, form, bend, shape and weld it into component parts—plates, flanges & brackets. We can also take component parts and build your complete project for you.

We have a variety of techniques, equipment and processes available to work with and can help you decide the best fit for your project. We also source any raw materials you need.

What makes Victoria Waterjet different from other machine shops is our capacity to handle a wide range of projects— small parts, big parts and all parts in between. We also have a range of processes available, including our CNC waterjet machine, to make sure you get the best results from your materials in the most efficient way possible.

From start to finish, great customer service is our top priority. Whether you provide a simple sketch or a complex CAD file, we have the equipment and the expertise necessary to transform your idea from concept into finished product.

You can count on our dedicated team to cut or build your project exactly how you want it and get it back to you just as soon as you need it.

Victoria Waterjet — what you want, when you need it.


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869 Van Isle Way

Victoria, BC

V9B 5R8

Phone: (250) 590-6106

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